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Types of Fabric used in Scarves

What comes to your mind when you think about having a new scarf, color? style? Umm or material?

Well, I guess all of them are important and material is always something to count on when anything made of fabric is discussed. What matters is the fact that the fabric you’re picking is right for the weather or not?

Such as, a woolen scarf would be perfect for snowy winter days while a cotton scarf is something you can wear on summery days.

So are you curious, how many options are out there for us in fabric, when it comes to scarves? Then, let’s not wait anymore and jump straight into the topic:




The ideal winter scarfs are thick and warm like winter sweaters and, of course, get along the attire and overall outfit. Adding more like a balance to your style.


1. Velvet Scarf

The softest, warmest, and coziest plushest fabric that one can ever get their hands on is known as velvet. The fabric is soft and quite shinny with a smooth texture that you can feel by just moving your fingertips over it. It is an elegant pick but needs to style appropriately so that you don’t look extra.

Velvet is a standard fabric for winters as people wear it in different ways including maxis, skirts, and scarves. The reason it is mostly liked is that 

 * It’s both elegant and comfortable

 * Available in various colors, 

 * Looks decent and chich


2. Wool Scarf

Wool scarfs are the most famous kinds of scarfs, abundantly worn during the winters and mostly in cold regions. Wool is obtained from mammals’ fur, mostly from goats and sheep. It is quite warm and also used in making winter blankets but clothing and accessories are the most common things made from wool. Merino, Mohair, and Alpaca are the types of wool used in jerseys, sweaters, and scarves.

Wool is liked for various reasons and a few of them are:

* It’s breathable and warm

* Soft and lightweight – you layer up without feeling stuffed.

* It’s a reliable fabric that stays with you for years

* Never fade colors or gest De shaped.

* Doesn’t require often cleaning – like a water and dust resistant material


3. Acrylic Knit Scarf

It is not a natural material for winters but made in labs, synthetically, from acrylic fibers. It is a kind of causal scarves that can e part of your daily attire. It is chic and stylish and gives a luxurious feel, making your everyday look beyond just good.

Here we have a few of the benefits of acrylic scarves:

* It is cheaper than wool

* Acrylic is a perfect alternative to wool for people allergic to animal wool/fur

* Looks identical to wool – light in weight and classy in style

* Doesn’t get decamped and doesn’t fade with time


4. Jersey Scarf

It is also not a natural fabric but a mock fabric that is made by using wool, cotton, and synthetic fibers of cotton.

Jersey has double sides which makes it unique as most of the material used for the scarves doesn’t have this feature. One side is made of loops and the other one is made of knitting, mostly rib-knit. The side with the rib-knitting has a smoother appearance.

Its key features are

* Chic and stylish in look

* Can be worn by all genders

* It’s suitable for both kinds of weather – summer or winter

* From kids to adults, all age groups can wear it in a stylish manner


5. Satin Scarf

Once again, it is not original stuff or fabric that is naturally available for clothing material but made by using strands and extracts of other fabrics. Mostly, this fabric is silk and polyester.

As, both, silk and polyester have a very elegant, classy, and charming appearance, hence the fabric made out of their strands – The Satin – is also very glossy and suitable to e worn with any part wear or with an ordinary attire to enhance its feel.

Here we have a few features of Satin Scarf: 

* It is available in a huge variety of colors

* Perfect for occasions and festivals

* A natural healer for skin and hair

* Would get along any fancy attire or even make an ordinary outfit look wow.




New day, new trends so are the new way of fashion that has transformed the way we used to style traditionally.

Scarves are no more just a winter's accessory, thanks to the more discoveries of scarf fashion. For summers, if you have options to opt, you can easily rock your style with an elegant addition of scarves in your attires.

These scarves can be worn by both, females, and males, so don’t worry we have got you!

Here are a few summers fabric types that you can select for your scarves:


1. Crinkle/Chiffon Scarves:

These two types of fabric are slightly different in terms of quality and texture. Chiffon is silkier and glossier, while crinkle is a bit itchy and has wrinkles. But both materials are perfect to be used for summer scarves. Also, for any outdoor attire or activities like a beach party or anything they would be quite handy to be styled along. 

 Why Chiffon scarf?

* It is light in weight and easy to be carried 

* A most popular choice in summer scarf fashion

* Goes with formal or informal attire

* Available in a huge variety of colors

* Chic and trendy


2. Silk Scarves 

It is the most luxurious pick in scarves, as made with larva saliva while making cocoons, and mostly worn by the royals. Silk is delicate and the most valuable fabric on earth, with a history of being used by kings and queens, as it carries a majestic legacy.

It has various color options and has a glossier appearance that makes it more worth wearing. It is an ideal addition to your attire, even it is an ordinary one. All these reasons make a perfect piece of fabric for stoles and ties.


 Here we have a few of its scarf features:

* Ideal for retaining the body moisture

* Silk is hypoallergenic

* Can be paired with any outfit, formal or informal

* Perfect as a festive fabric


3. Cotton Scarf

It is the easiest to grab pick fabric in summer and kind of favorite of many. As it is not only a wearable accessory but also used for bedding and table mates, etc.

Scarfs have become quite trendy nowadays, but cotton has always been in the scarf fashion, do you agree?

And the reason is that it comes in both types, winter, and summer. Although, we consider summer cotton as a more suitable pick for scarves because it's thin and shrill.

 Why cotton scarves?

 * It is an incredible choice for a casual look.

 * Summer cotton is soft, comfy, and breathable stuff

 * Feels good on the skin

 * It is available in plenty of colors and patterns


4. Polyester Scarf

Polyester is not naturally made fabric but a manmade material, scientifically known as microfiber.

The polyester is extracted from organic sources of fossil fuels and is considered a high-quality fabric that is breathable, comfortable, and reliable for long-term use.


Its key features as scarves are:

 * It is thin and light in weight

 * Easy to be carried and styled

 * Highly reliable and comfortable around the neck

 * Polyester is easy to clean and dry