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Types of Wallets to Stash Your Essentials

If you are looking around for new wallets and confused about what to get but still unable to figure out the best option, you have landed on the right place.

This blog is all about the kinds of wallets, their styling, and the right one for the right occasion tips. 

So, buckle up because it’s a fashion guide for all the gentlemen out there.

Here we have the types of wallets, we will be learning about each of them, one by one.


Billfold with Coin Wallet

A true traditional style pocket wallet – Billfold – gets its name from its closed design that requires the paper currency (or bill) to fold in half. These wallets are spacious enough with three to eight credit cards slots and two-three pockets for other cards.

Some of them feature a slide-out style that allows more cards to be carried in the wallet. Mostly, the right side of the interior is designed to be the most secured place as it has a snap or zipper to close it.

People who carry change, mostly in the countries where coins are mostly exchanged then this pocket is quite useful. But if you live in a place that is less cash and coin-dependent then a coin purse adds unnecessary weight to your pocket.


Billfold with no coin Purse

It is the most popular style in billfold design of wallets that is quite similar to the one mentioned above except that it has no coin pockets, instead it features three to four card slots for credit cards.

If maintained well and not being over stuff, these billfolds look slim and sleek in the pockets. They are marked as the most attractive design in wallets, as considered as an EDC wallet. It can get along various styles of attires from casual wear to formal wear. The most suitable fit for any look or style in men’s fashion.


The Minimalist style of Wallets

Well, as men’s fashion is evolving into unique patterns, it requires new kinds of wallets to be introduced to get along the updated fashion styles.

Lately, minimalistic wallets have gained huge popularity as the slim fit trousers and pants, along with the men’s preference to carry less is increasing. It is making them look for alternatives that are modern and minimalistic.

It is designed in a typical style with a double-sided sleeve that allows you to store a few cards, identifications, and paper currency. It is not that spacious to carry many items, yet it is the most ideal pick for men who value less stuffed one over anything.

It is more economical than the billfold or coat wallets but still way more elegant and well-made in style, as per the requirements of modish men’s fashion.


Coat Wallet

If you’re someone who regularly wears coats or odd jackets, then this coat wallet is an ideal pick for you.

You can carry it if you’re wearing a jacket, blazer, suit or formals. It is designed in a long and narrow shape like a checkbook to be carried in the inside breast pocket of the jacket rather than in your trouser.

These wallets are unique in style, offering credit card slots on both sides, whereas the other slots offer a spot for your paper currency and checkbook. It is a lot more spacious than other regular wallets and allows you to carry as many as 20 cards, at one time.


Phone Wallet

These wallets have been recently introduced as an innovation in wallets. The phone wallets are designed as cases for your phone, shaped as wallets. They open the same as billfold or coat wallet.

On one side, it allows you to place your smartphone and on the other, it offers a few card slots, a spot for an identification card, and someplace for paper currency. 

Some phone wallets come with a spot for a pen or stylus at the crease.


Card Holder

For men who carry just a single credit card or a piece of ID then this calling card case is the best choice for them. As it can serve as a wallet and a business cardholder.

People who don’t like to carry or find it hard to manage their wallets then it suits them the best. You can place the currency, credit card, or ID in one slot and reserve the other one for the business card. Or any other, according to your need and likeness. 


Travel Wallet

If you like to keep your cards and IDs sorted that Travel wallets, come up as the perfect solution, as it is available in various sizes and shapes.

They are designed in a unique style with a closing zipper or space to carry a passport. But it is only useful if you’re traveling, not recommended for everyday carry.

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