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10 Celebrities Who Love Antique Jewelry

Love Bracelet

The Cartier Love Bracelet could perhaps, be one of the most frequently seen pieces of vintage jewellery on the red carpet. Anyone buying the bracelet can lock it securely, with the help of a unique screw and key, onto the wrist of the recipient, as a symbol of the couple’s eternal love for each other. However, once locked on, these bracelets are so difficult to remove, that the emergency rooms in some hospitals even have special tools on hand to remove them!

Cartier Love Bracelet

Celebrities sporting these love bracelets include:

Kylie Jenner

Pippa Middleton

Kanye West

Angelina Jolie

Katie Holmes

Eva Mendes

Jennifer Anniston


Hermes’ enamel bracelet

This piece of vintage jewellery is another bracelet popular with several celebrities. The piece comes in a variety of colours, like gold, silver, black, as well as orange, the brand’s signature colour. Celebrities seen wearing one or more of the Hermes’ enamel bracelet, include:

Eva Longoria

Mel B

Victoria Beckham



Watches are frequently used to make a statement, and the signature Serpenti watch by Bulgari has been a favourite of several celebrities for many years, going as far back as 1960, when Elizabeth Taylor was seen to be wearing one at the Cleopatra press tour, during the 1960s. The design of the watch was inspired by gas pipes and their ability to curl around objects, so they are made to coil around the wrist like a serpent. The face of the watch also resembles a snake and comes in a range of finishes, including yellow gold and stainless steel.

Elizabeth Taylor set the trend for the vintage piece, which resulted in other famous celebrities taking the cue, like:

Naomi Watts

Ashley Olsen

Julianne Moore



Vintage necklaces like the Alhambra necklace by Van Cleef and Arpels can be seen everywhere in Hollywood. This casual statement item is a favourite of famous celebrities such as:

Cameron Diaz

Reece Witherspoon

Mariah Carey


In conclusion It is said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and while there might be some truth in this, there is an enormous selection of vintage jewellery items found in the collections of celebrities. This can often be seen in photographs of those times when celebrities take to the red carpet, with stunning vintage jewellery pieces popping up time and time again.

This proves that there are some accessories that the rich and famous of Hollywood simply cannot do without whether for their own pleasure or as competition with those worn by other celebrities! To add to your collection of beautiful Vintage Jewellery we have many fine collections to choose from