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5 Jewelry style tips you should Know!

How do you select the right piece of jewel for yourself? Do you follow a guideline or have a certain style that you keep up with? Or do you make choices on spot? Where do you spot yourself in all these categories?

Jewelry style is part of fashion and needs your attention, as it adds detail to your look. Before you make your jewelry style guide, it is important to know your personality well.

It is well said that whatever you wear represents your personality!

It is important to get have your jewelry well-matched with your attire and I’ll be sharing all the right tips and ideas for it.

So let’s dive in ...

1. Layer it Up

The most phenomenal way to start styling your jewelry is to layer it appropriately. You can do it with a necklace, bracelets, rings, and even earrings and bangles as well.

If you want to try some fun and chic way then experiment with some different shapes and lengths and layer them over each other. Different shapes, colors, and textures can work as a visual treat. 

For bracelets and bangles, you can wear different pieces that can flash and jangle in your wrists, asking for some attention. Also, rings can be layered up with different shapes and stones, but in the same color pattern for an interesting combination.

You can also try a look by stacking different earrings or ear studs if you have more than one piercing. That can be done with a combination of ear studs with other long dangling pairs of hoops.

2. Don’t Over Stuff Yourself

Just to make an on-point styling, remember when to stop.

Sometimes, we overstuff ourselves with a lot of pieces and ornaments that can ruin your fashion statement.

If you’re drawing attention with layers of necklaces then don’t overfill your wrists with layers of bangles to complement it.

Rather try to balance your look with minimal jewelry wear. Once you’re done styling your look, have a last glance in the mirror so you get an idea, if there is any need for the change.

Also, what matters the most is the fact that for which occasion you’re prepping for, right?

So better style accordingly.

3. Pick the right pair of earrings

Earrings are in the field of vision, so choose them wisely. 

You must pick one according to your face structure, hairstyle, eye color, and skin tone. There are kinds of earrings, starting from ear studs to long dangling ones, so make an appropriate decision that can help you hook the desired look, effortlessly.

Let’s say, if you have long hair then better select earrings that are metal-colored so that they can be visible and do peekaboo after a while.

4.Try mixing metal

In old times, it was quite a fashion offense to mix the metal shades, like pairing golden and silver together. 

But this modern era has brought a great change in jewelry fashion where you can do mix and match with different shades of metal. 

You can add a pinch of contrast by putting a pendant in the locket that is in contrast shade of metal. Also, pairing different color-toned bangles can make a vibrant fashion statement that is unique and interesting for your look.


5. Match it with your clothes

Before you pick any jewelry or accessory for your attire, have a vision that you want to achieve in your look.

The right pick can transform your boring attire into a complete fashion statement, so never underestimate jewelry pieces

So, if your attire is traditional and colorful then you can pick flashy and huge size ornaments to keep the style right.

Whereas, if you are wearing some dark, trendy, and bold then go for the smaller and lighter in weight jewelry piece for highlighting your attire.

Your fashion statement depends on jewelry as much as it depends on the piece of cloth you're wearing. So, decide what do you want to opt for and style yourself accordingly.