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Professional Advice for Purchasing Vintage Diamonds

While seeing an engagement ring website web differs from examining it in person, it's crucial to become acquainted with the various types of metals as well as the Four C's of diamonds (cut, color, and clarity) to point you in the right grasp precisely just what ring will seem like.

Hold following things in mind while purchasing vintage engagement rings to make sure you get a high-quality diamond and ring setting.


1. Select the ideal vendor

We have identified which diamond sellers are reputable, reasonably priced, and provide outstanding quality via years of research. The greatest websites for purchasing vintage engagement rings online, in our opinion, are Blue Nile and James Allen. One may discover attractive pieces that are also stable and strong, such as oval halo bands and white gold filigree rings.

2. Seek out brilliance:

It is really essential to examine the diamond in person to check how well it displays light in normal lighting if you choose a genuine antique without a certificate to confirm the diamond's cut grade. More than any other attribute, a diamond's shine degree determines its attractiveness and attractiveness. As a result, you must only give excellent or ideal cut diamonds serious consideration. Even with these rankings, you should still examine the diamond in person to judge its brightness, or the amount of white light it reflects.

3. Explore your distinctive style:

Look at various vintage engagement ring designs to discover which ones you or your partner prefer. Early style choices will guarantee you are investing your money on the things that need most and help you stay focused during your quest.

4. Analyze color:

In proportion to its mounting, your diamond must appear white. We typically advise a diamond in the G-I range. Without needing to pay more for a better color grade like D or E, these diamonds seem colorless. One can choose a diamond with a lesser color grade, such as a K or J color diamond, if your metal is rose gold or yellow gold. In contrast to the deeper metal, the diamond will seem white.

5. Ensure the structure and longevity of the setup.

The design you desire ought to be available in your ring setting. It should, however, be able to safely contain your diamond. With authentic antique settings, you’ll want to inspect it extensively to verify that the diamond is safe and that the metal has retained its longevity and function. It's challenging to determine the setting excellence without documentation of the materials used and who manufactured the ring. 

6. Examine certification:

Real confirmation of the diamond's brilliance is difficult to obtain by because actual antique rings seldom come with a GIA or AGS certificate. The vendor may make a guarantee that the stone has an Ideal Cut, a H Color, and VS1 Clarity, but they lack a certain mechanism to back up their claim. Get a second view before purchasing a diamond that you have little proof of if you're looking for an antique ring.