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Antique Tribal Cuff Bracelet History!

The traditional jewelry ornaments are full of interesting facts and carry thought-provoking reasons behind their existence. Each of the craft is delicately crafted to serve that purpose in the finest way possible. The unique pieces are distinguished from each other from their style, metal imprints, and of course material used in their making.

We have chosen a specific craft for today’s talk, Let’s explore and find out how, when, and why they were made in the first place.

The earliest history of cuff-style bracelets takes us 7000 years back, where Mayans, Greeks, and Incans used to pair them along with the lavish attires. In the early days when wars between armies and tribes were quite common, such protective armors came into existence for the protection of wrists. The long cuff bracelets cover up half of the arm, making it safer and more comfortable to wear. The Roman army was the first one to introduce the decorated cuff bracelets.


In ancient Asia, the Chinese included some details in the cuff bracelet with elaborated floral and archaic patterns. These cuff bracelets have been made with various materials including silver, golden, metal, and plastic. 

Fast forward, in today’s world, the cuff bracelets have a sole purpose and that is fashion jewelry. It is an accessory to replace the dangling bangles and has some unique options when it comes to bracelets. The heavily embellished bracelet is ornated with semi-precious stones. These crafts are either antique or reproduced in their original shape.

 What makes this classic antique bracelet more worth wearing is its enchanting addition to the style which rightly complements your wardrobe, leaving you to look flawless and gorgeous at the same time.

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