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Best Classic Picks on this Valentine's Day!!!

Are you confused, like every other year what to get your loved ones, it can be even your dad or sister, this valentine’s day?

Ahh … it’s understandable, don’t worry we have got you! From jewelry to accessories, we have a list of suggestions that you can gift on valentine’s day. And we are excited about it, are you ready to dig in?


1. Turquoise Stone Bracelet


This elegant bracelet is the most appropriate pick for someone who prefers minimalistic jewelry pieces. What makes it more special is the fact that it is handmade with semi-precious stones, the blue turquoise stones.

It is incredibly light in weight yet classy in style and design. It’s made with so much love and delicacy that it can become a memorable gift for your loved ones.

Also, it has an easy lock to pull on your wrist, so don’t worry about the unnecessary hassle of wearing it.

It is available on Etsy, right now so grab it before it's too late. 


2. Kuchi Ring

This traditional kuchi ring is close to our hearts with its traditional vibe and intricate detail, as made with so much hard work and exceptional skill set.

This ring is crafted by the local south Asian artisans and it is mostly worn along with the traditional trial attires but since the fusion fashion is getting so much appreciated these days, it is in the trend.

Why don’t you gift this incredible precious gift on valentine’s day, we are sure it will leave a mark on them and you’re going to get appreciated for the thoughtful gift.

You can get your hands on this ring, it is available in two shades, green, red, and red.


3. Ear Studs

Well, traditional Tribal fashion has always been famous for long, big, and over-size jewelry pieces but that’s not always true.

This classic yet trendy nomadic ear studs are all you want in this gifting season. It is light in weight and jaw-dropping dead classy.

This pair is a perfect unique gift that you can give to your loved ones.

It is available in the store, so better be on time before it goes out of stock.



4. Brown Men’s Wallet

We know, valentine’s day gift is equally important for guys and here we have this classic leather wallet that can be a great solution for this time.

This timeless suede leather wallet is an incredible craft that would be coming to you straight from south Asia.

This wallet comes with various pockets and carry’s a patina, validating its vintage stuff and age.

Go! Put it in your basket now on Etsy.



5. Woven Pearl Necklace

What’s better than a handmade trendy choker that is handmade? I guess nothing, right.

This Nomadic style choker necklace is crafted by the local south Asian artisans who create such fine art. This exclusive necklace features metallic weaving and white pearls dangling at the edge.


It is a timeless piece of jewel that be an incredible choice as a gift on this valentine’s day for the special one.

So, if you’re still wondering, then you should visit our website or Etsy account for way more similar and different options.