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Choker Necklaces and Vintage Jewelry!

If we go back in History chokers were there since the start of Human Civilization. Isn’t it fun to know that this crazy and classy trend of chokers has always been there? Well, it does fascinate us, and we would like to explore a bit of its history and how this choker necklace fashion evolved to its current status.Choker necklaces were initially crafted for the same purpose as the other ornaments – Protection. You read it right, jewelry ornaments were crafted for the only purpose of style but for protecting individuals in wars and from certain diseases. Few of them wore it to hide their scares. The neck is a vulnerable body part and chokers were made to protect from them later turned into fashion.

The tribal women also used to layer up their necks with beaded and metal chokers to protect themselves from throat disease. Later in the late 19th century, the trend of wearing chokers returned when Princess Alexandra of Denmark started wearing choker necklaces publicly. And in the 1940s the chokers came back with a bang. 

This and our trend of choker necklaces have had an impact on the tribal jewelry style as well. The tribal necklaces showcase different kinds and styles in choker necklaces starting from the heavily embellished kuchi chokers to simple hasli chords. 


Traditional Kuchi Chokers

These fancy chokers are one of the most reproduced crafted ornaments, ornated with multicolor glass stones, beads, tassels, chains, bells, fabric, and ribbons. These kinds of chokers belong to the kuchi origin. Usually, these chokers have top embellished with metallic weaving technique and bottom has dangling tassels and bells attached. These chokers are made of metal and soaked in rustic hues, perfectly assenting with the vibrant stone inlays.



Hasli chokers

Hasli chokers are recognized for their simple yet elegant style. The hasli choker has had their background of Subcontinent, where artisans craft them in rode twisted style. Hasli chokers nicely sit on the neck and make you look perfect with their minimalistic design. The light weight necklaces are in trend these days and have a sophisticated style to be carried. They are made of metal or silver and sometimes have archaic imprints with dangling tassels.


Nowadays these chokers have been introduced with a modern touch, ornated with semi-precious stones and rustic hues.


Antique Coin Chokers

The rustic, antique yet full of soul, the vintage coin necklaces have always been our favorite. The phenomenal vibe and history it carries along make it more than just a jewelry ornament. The classic fits around the neck and has vintage coins fringed all around the rim. The use of beads and accent hues, marking them worth a while piece of art. They have usually stones embedded to complement them with some vibrant touch. These stunning kinds of necklaces are back in the trend and would be here for some time now.

So, what are you waiting for?

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