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Classical Jewellery Statement

Few things always manage to remain in the limelight so have Afghani Ornaments

The beautiful metal handmade crafts , embellished with multi color stones, truly a compliment to the traditional dress of the Tribal people, Kuchi. As fashion and creativity has no boundaries, these jewels are not bound to be worn only with the traditional Kuchi dresses but with other formals and casuals as well. The Afghan jewellery has been a source of inspiration for other ethnic jewels.

The history of Afghan jewellery has strong strings connected to the migration, as Kuchi’s are the flag barrier of this kind of jewellery and the word “kuchi'' is diverted from kuch means “migration” in the Persian language. Eventually, it became quite famous in the region of south Asia, eventually caught the attention of the Europeans and the rest is history. The Pashtuns' heavy attire are incomplete without their chunky jewellery items, that actually defines the whole look. The Himalayan region wears these trinkets as it is part of their cultural traditions.

Afghan jewellery are no less than an art piece which requires a whole next level of skill as well as detail orientation, which is rare and pricey. But still, the captivating metal ornaments have gained remarkable attention in the past few decades. The most amazing of the jewels is matha patti which is embellished enough to do wonders and not to mention the infamous earrings. The fast fashion has given the opportunity to mold any style into something convenient and accessible. The Afghani earrings have the charm to transform the whole casual look into a baroque style. These earrings give a heavy look but they are surprisingly quite light in weight and enough to upgrade style into a fashion statement.

The Afghan jewellery has been into life again when it was creatively used for the content creation by the influencers and bloggers, especially the makeup artist. They have hyped up the Afghan jewellery, rightfully, also known as nomadic jewellery in Europe. In the past few years, Europeans have shown immense interest in these adornments. The young generation tend to like these metal lightweight yet elegant pieces of art a lot more than any other kind of jewellery.

The Brides of the Himalayan region wear these jewellery items on their big day, they prefer their rituals and customs over any trend and fashion. So, Afghan Ornaments are their first and last pick for their special occasions like wedding day. The Afghan Jewellery has different quality and material used in it’s making which actually determines it’s worth in terms of affordability and quality. Most art pieces are made of the metal and semi precious stones which keep them accessible for everyone and others are made of silver and precious stones which are bought for big occasions.