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Contemporary Ways to Wear Victorian Jewelry

Do you enjoy wearing Victorian jewellery? Victorian jewellery is difficult to style for the present since it is unquestionably lovely, expertly made, and very different from its contemporary equivalents.

With the help of this article, you may incorporate Victorian jewellery into your wardrobe in 5 simple ways.


Single color is enough:

You can't go wrong if you use the strategy of assembling an outfit solely from different tones of the same colour. Wearing the same color—or various shades of the same color—all over could seem like it would be "too much," but if you combine different shades from the same colour family, you can accessorise with objects in those colours and put together an ensemble that is quite multifaceted. It's a terrific way to include Victorian jewellery into your wardrobe and it works for a wide range of colours to choose jewellery stones that are in the same colour family as your clothing.

Minimalism Masterpiece:

When you truly pare things down and keep things straightforward, Victorian jewellery might also be your buddy. The attention will be drawn to the accessories without a doubt if you limit the colour palette of your clothing with one or two hues that contrast with the colour of the jewellery you intend to wear. The appropriate background for jewellery to stand out against is created by using simple colours like black, grey, and white. These colours create a dramatic contrast with jewellery pieces that seem to be reaching out to grasp you.

Vintage Fame:

Even while combining different eras may seem like a tangle of aesthetics, if done correctly, it may result in a stunning ensemble. You should use anything that was created in the first part of the 20th century for this. Any item from the 1950s and before can be combined with Victorian embellishments like jewellery to create a "aged" overall impression. A spectacular Victorian ring or necklace can instantly add refinement to any look, from a poodle skirt to a flapper dress.

Stacking is perfect:

That approach is really only appropriate for the brave and the courageous, as well as serious Victorian jewellery collectors. The foundation of this strategy is wearing as much Victorian jewellery as is physically possible because wearing Victorian jewellery in the 21st century is the intended outcome. You need to wear something really simple for this to work, so a little black dress might be appropriate. Wear every piece of Victorian jewellery you can find, starting with rings. Once more, a technique that appears crazy on paper [or a screen] but produces a gorgeous image where your foundation attire highlights the brilliance of your jewellery


Contemporary Magnum Opus:

This last approach is about contrast; it combines the contemporary with the sophisticated to produce a gorgeous ensemble that isn't as "out there" as the stacking method, for individuals who like a more sophisticated look. Wearing a really contemporary dress is the best way to do this. To get this style, use clothing with architectural structures and crisp, clean lines. Victorian jewellery will stand out with its scrolling patterns and softer edges when worn with cutting-edge contemporary clothing. Items with elaborate elaboration, such as those with distinctive patterns or gemstone clusters, are the finest components to look out for if you want to put together this sort of ensemble.