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Design-Based Classification of Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry kinds, the designs are crucial, and the jewelry types in this topic have been organized based on the designs and materials used, as well as how they are well known in the jewelry industry.


Temple jewelry:

Bharatnatyam dancers are the primary wearers of temple ornaments. This jewelry was influenced by the decorations used to embellish Hindu gods and goddesses’ idols in South India. Typically, Temple jewelry is constructed of silver and then gold plated. Temple jewelries are frequently made from materials such as rubies, white sapphires, and pearls. Temple jewelry includes basic necklaces, bangles, earrings, and nose-pins. Temple jewels range from odiyanums (waist belts) to vankis (armbands), and include hair decorations.


Antique jewelry:

There is a distinction in the time span between antique and vintage jewelry. Antique jewelry is regarded to be at least a hundred years old, and vintage jewelry is at least fifty years old. These jewelry styles are timeless and will never go out of style. These jewelries are not worn on a regular basis and are only worn on special occasions because they are costly and only go with nice outfits and looks. Also, considering vintage and antique jewelry is difficult to get, not that many individuals have recourse to it.


Bridal Jewelry:

As the title indicates, this jewelry is worn by women on their wedding days. With civilizations throughout the world, there may be a distinct list of bridal jewelry.

Even though most of the rest of the world chooses basic platinum and diamond pendant and earring sets for their weddings, there are weddings when ladies wear regal and large pieces of jewelry. Bridal jewelries are often massive, large items composed of gold or diamond—the two most commonly utilized metals for manufacturing wedding jewelries across the world.


Fashion Jewelry:

Fashion jewelry is usually used with stylish fashionable outfits and is usually active at reasonable rates for wearing on a daily basis with various attire. It is largely trash jewelry, often known as costume jewelry, due to the material it is constructed of. It has a trendy appearance without being expensive since it is composed of inexpensive metals such as nickel and pewter. Fashion jewelries are in high competition; thus, this is one industry where one may discover jewelry jobs to produce conveniently accessible fashionable jewelries.


Handmade jewelry:

Goldsmiths are professionals in the step-by-step process of producing jewelry, which includes melting the substance, designing, and molding. Stone setters finalize the design by adding gemstones to the jewelry. Developing handcrafted unique jewelry design demands several phases of good workmanship and is typically a moment operation that requires special instruments to be utilized mechanically. The delicate craftsmanship and careful workmanship of each item is what makes handcrafted jewelry so appealing. There are numerous prospects for goldsmiths and other jewelry manufacturers looking for jewelry employment in this form of making jewelry.