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Ethnic Jewellery Of The South World

Jewellery has been a mandatory part of every culture and their customs. If Today, we try to dig into the history of the jewellery, to nobody’s surprise it’s strings would be long enough to be found back in history. Jewellery is one of the oldest forms of art and craft, explicitly made with hands with diligence and delicacy to add perfection to the look.

In the subcontinent, the value of jewellery has been alive for centuries. The exquisite taste and sheer involvement of Maharajahs and Mughals in it made it more exclusive and enchanting for the common man.The ritual of gifting bride heavy jewellery sets has a strong connection with the Mughal empire, for months and years the craftsman used to work on the each piece to make them unique and world class. The stones used in the pieces of art have significant worth, as they are not the ordinary stones but extremely selective and unusual ones to be used to maintain the high quality of the art work.

Till date, a girl is supposed to get her ear pierced at a very young age. In Fact, this ritual used to be the same for the boys but as the world got modern and changes occurred, it started to vanish in the dust of the record. Now, girls get their ears and nose pierced and wear suitable jewellery according to their choice and age. It is near to impossible to think of an occasion without wearing the jewellery. Though, the heavy jewellery is not as much as before, still it is considered as an essential to be paired with every attire, formal or informal.

The interesting fact is, ethnic jewellery has never lost its importance. The amount of delicacy and contrast it adds to the overall look is unmatched and may be, that’s the reason they are exclusive and expensive in the modern day as well.

The material used in the making of these ethnic art pieces are usually metal, brace, silver, thread and stones and require the skills only possessed by the master craftsmen. The skill of creating distinguishing yet classical pieces of art has been transcending from generation to generation. Though every era has their own way of designing and molding - what they call as jewellery. But few jewellery pieces have never changed their ultimate shape and purpose.

The necklace, earrings, rings and bracelets have changed their shapes, designs and style but have never escaped from the list of any generation as an essential part of the jewellery. Likewise, the preference for the ethnic jewellery has seen a dramatic increase in the last few decades. The office going women, girls or housekeepers , all prefer some light weight yet elegant pick for their casual or formal look which can be easily pulled off with the help of these beautiful artifacts which are made with hands. The online shopping shopping options have been flooded since their easy access, quality assurance and home delivery, worldwide, services are available.