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Five Styles in Tribal Bracelets

When we talk about tribal jewelry, it is most likely that a huge necklace or a pair of earrings come to our mind. But tribal jewelry is much more than just necklaces, earrings, and headpieces.

Tribal style bracelets are one the most aesthetic piece of ornaments, famous for unique designs and carrying a traditional flair. This bracelet brings a variety of types under its umbrella so that one can experience the essence of the jewel to its core.

Today, we will highlight the different types of handmade tribal bracelets and their styling. So, are you ready for this read full of fun facts about traditional natural jewelry pieces? Because we are.

Let’s jump in!


Back Open Tribal Bracelets

There are kinds of Tribal Bracelets, but this back open style always manages to top the list.

It is designed uniquely with its back open that allows you to wear it without any hassle. Mostly these bracelets have gemstones inlay, all over, with a touch of intricately carved patterns and cutwork.

Moreover, the back open bracelets have a smooth inner texture that makes them comfortable to wear, even for a long day event. They are wide and usually feature big and hug semi-precious stones, complementing the metal used in the making of these classic pieces.


Bead Bracelets

The most simple and sophisticated handmade bracelets are known as bead bracelets. They are made with round semi-precious stones and beads.

The fact that Tribal style bead bracelets are made of only natural stones makes them more precious and worth wearing. People prefer wearing these bracelets for health purposes as well. 

They are the easiest to be worn as the stones are linked to each other through a hole with the use of a string or an elastic band.

You can pair them casually with your day-to-day look or even create a fashion statement by matching them with your attire on a formal occasion.


Tribal Spiral Bracelets

Bangles but not bangles? Have you heard of something like that?

Well, if not then let us introduce this classic epitome of class to you. This metal bracelet with engraved patterns all over the piece, complementing the rustic hues of the old age jewelry.

The spiral bracelet is designed in a way that it seems to be a bunch of metal bangles dangling together but, it’s a one-piece bracelet continuously connected starting from one to the other.

In many cultures, spiral bracelets are considered significant and associated with spiritual meaning. Its unique design indicates connectivity with the Divine. Spiraling from the outer ego into the inner soul.

Mostly, spiral bracelets are made with metal alloy and have motifs attached at both, beginning, and ending, points of the bracelets. 


Single Bangle Bracelet

Single bangle bracelets are the most elegant pick when it comes to tribal bracelets, unlike chunky traditional bracelets these are simple in style and design.

The most popular style is the twisted single bangle bracelet style which has a chain and motifs attached at both ends.

You can pair these bracelets in pairs as well as wear them as a single piece of jewel and it will make sure it completes your look in a truly astonishing way.

 These were our favorites among the hundreds of types of tribal handmade bracelets, do let us know which are ones you like.