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Fun Facts About Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a semi-precious rock composed of lazurite, sodalite, and nosean, all members of the sodalite group of minerals mostly found in South Asia, Europe, and the US. It is a deep blue color, excavated in different patterns and textures depending on the archaeological site it is found at. The stone has been found at various archaeologists’ sites in the form of beads, jewelry, and carvings, dating as early as 6000 BC.

The stone was called “A fragment of the stray firmament” by the famous Romanian Naturalist Historian, Pliny the Elder, for its colors, deep blue with twinkling bits of gold. Lapis lazuli is considered one of the oldest and classic stones and it resembles Sapphire for its blue shade.

 What makes it more worthy is the fact that it has a history in jewelry and artifacts, also many old civilizations have been using it in their carved crafts, including jewelry, sculptures, and ornaments. Initially found in south Asia it got fame on other continents for its uniqueness and captivating blue hues. It is believed that lapis lazuli possesses mental health benefits and has a positive impact on the human psyche.

Amongst many benefits, few of them are jot down here.

Lapis Lazuli allows a person to connect with the inner voice and come close to their instincts and intuition. It creates a bond between heart and mind to bring harmony. It brings spiritual self-awareness to one’s life. For hundreds of years, people wear it in jewelry so that they can reap the benefits. It helps the human body to stay calm and promotes peace and tranquillity. Lapis Lazuli brings self-confidence, clarity, opens the minds of the wearer. 

The rock is shaped in refined stone pieces, polished and finished while artisans turn them into ornaments. Most of the lapis lazuli stones are embedded in the rings with classic archaic carved patterns all over, making it an enchanting craft which would anyone love to wear and style themselves. Also, Long mala style necklaces have lapis lazuli, usually as a pendant with other semi-precious stones assembled in the strings, giving a traditional multicolor contrast.

 You can wear lapis lazuli in any shape of jewelry, so it stays with you everywhere, making you look gorgeous and confident always.

 Do let us know if you find this blog useful and need to know about lapis lazuli or other stones and we will get back to you with some fresh fun facts.