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Fusion in Fashion

How tempting is the idea of looking jaw-dropping dead in the next event and getting all the compliments for your exceptional style and sense of fashion .. Amazing, right?

We got you and you're at the right place to find out what is in the trend and how can you achieve that dreamy look you have been fantasizing about all day long.

When it comes to a perfect look we tend to worry about the same old story of which dress would be perfect for you, but here is a thing. Do you know what's as important as your dress? The jewelry, yes you read it right. Jewelry complements your look and takes the burdensome of how your look will turn out.

Trends change, fad goes away, but vintage jewelry always remains the talk of the town. Despite the fact that how heavily embellished and chunky they are, the element of elegance it adds to your look can never be experienced with a contemporary ornament.

The details and hard work featured over the crafts are mesmerizing and sometimes unbelievable.

Starting from traditional necklace choker statements to the tantalizing anklets, each ornament carries a story and history in itself. And nowadays we have a fusion of traditional and contemporary going on, where you can style your trendy modish outfit with some traditional vintage craft.

We have seen many influencers and our favorite celebrities pairing these stunning handmade jewelry with minimalistic attires.

Here is an inspirational go-to look for you. In the times of Corona where all you can show is your neck and ears, we believe, if you want to hook a look, you should pick the chunky big Chandballi hoops with a short frock paired with jeans and khussas. The cool thing about these crafty earrings is that they are one of our best-sellers this week and you can grab them from the Pakbargains website or Etsy shop and style them in an utmost classical way.

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