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Guide to Wear Several Earrings

Since the 1970s, having many piercings in one's ears has been trendy. This fashion, which was invented in America, has enabled it for individuals to adorn their earlobes with two pairs of earrings. Since then, piercings have changed significantly as more and more cartilage piercings are now provided by piercing businesses. Regardless the unfavorable ways in which piercings have been perceived throughout history by various generations, body alteration of all forms is a fundamental aspect of mankind.

Ear piercings having grown in popularity over the past few decades, and they are now frequently seen in high end fashion as the standard. We'll go over certain fundamentals of styling numerous earrings in case you're one of the many people who now has several pairs or if you're considering having more ear piercings.


Several years past, wearing many earrings to work, particularly ones that aren't on the lobe, might probably have been frowned upon. The world is evolving, though, and several ear piercings are no longer very unlikely to be seen negatively by the professional community.

Some places of employment still see "newer" piercings, such as facial piercings, as being unprofessional and demand that its employees take them out even before reporting to work. Nevertheless, most workplaces think that often piercings are appropriate (job role dependent of course), thus we will come to the conclusion that wearing several earrings is not unprofessional.


Popular Styles for Wearing Several Earrings

Using the same metal colour and gemstone for all of your earrings is a simple way to wear several pairs while maintaining a unified appearance. For instance, opal gemstones have a multi-colored aspect to them and sterling silver has a purity that won't bother your ears. These attributes will make your ear piercings stand out, be aesthetically appealing, and be consistent. Patterned jewellery is perhaps the ideal option for you if you want order and organisation in almost everything.

One may stand out from the crowd by wearing this assortment of earrings since they seem really fashionable and distinctive. This is really a smart move for everyone because more sophisticated fashion enthusiasts always gain from having wonderfully extravagant ear ornamentation.


Currently popular minimalist jewellery trends incorporate geometrical patterns and simple metals. Yellow gold line bars, for instance, are fairly common. Simply place a few tiny, simple metal hoops and tiny diamond studs at various parts of something like the ear to acquire this look with many earrings.

There is no better way to combine them; you'll discover that you will have an appearance that is both subtle and stylish in a way that is entirely individual to yourself.

One enjoyable approach to express oneself through your accessories is to wear several earrings at once.