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How to Buy the Right Jewelry for Yourself?

Jewelry has always been manifested as the most elegant addition to your attires, as it enhances the look and makes it more meaningful and interesting.

Today I would be talking about the elements that can make the jewelry more worth wearing and make lifetime space in your possessions.

But before that … I would like you to do some brainstorming and list at least five reasons why would you choose any particular jewelry ornament and opt for that style?

There can be a million reasons why a jewelry piece can make a place in your heart but there are a few factors that we should keep in mind before picking one is that jewelry defines our look and personality, so try to bring the right representation of your personality out there.

So let’s see how we can make the right decision when buying jewelry for ourselves.

1. Know your choice

 Well, before making any pick, do know that it goes with your choice of fashion.

It matters when it comes to dressing up, as each element should make sense for its addition in the attire. To have a synchronized statement while dressing up jewelry should get along with you with your outfit.

So while shopping for the jewelry items make sure you know how to carry your buying along with your look because what matters is that how you can manage you pair the jewelry with your attire.


2. Be Creativity 

Adding a pinch of creativity never hurts when it comes to jewelry and style.

Try not to have similar looks instead bring out your creativity and turn the jewelry into an element that you play with.

Jewelry enhances the look and adds detail to it. Colors, patterns, sizes, and textures are the areas you can explore when choosing jewelry ornaments.

For example, if you’re wearing traditional attire and want to try something new in the jewelry instead of huge traditional jhumkas or chandelier earrings, you can pick ear studs of modish style and balance your look with some sophisticated additions in the jewelry.


3. Buy Handmade pieces

   Your jewelry should be a storyteller

Sometimes it is enough for a jewelry ornament to be handmade to make its place in your collection.

Handmade jewelry is more than just a fashion accessory instead it brings more depth into your look and makes you stand out in the crowd.

The detailing, craft, and story you get to see in handmade jewelry is inevitable. You can have some made additions to your look to make it more interesting and worth others while at you.

So where you can get such classic pieces? That would be your next question, well stores like Etsy where you can get your hands on a range of handmade crafts from around the globe. Vintarust is unique a store on Etsy that has a classic variety of products made by hand, especially by the Himalayan artisans liking at the foothills of the beautiful mountains of the Himalayas.


4. See what style goes along

                      Uniqueness is rare, and class is permanent when it comes to jewelry styling.

Always go for the jewelry ornament that makes sense to you. Stay in the middle field, don’t be so experimental either mundane. Know what suits you and your personality well and then pick a piece of jewel.

Ask yourself, would it be easy to pair it with the attires? Does it go with my personality? Is it creative or too much?

Such questions can get you clarity while making a choice and get you the desired look.


 5. Look what’s in the trend

Stay at the top of the trend.

Know what is in the trend and choose appropriately, it should look like you’re coming from some other world that still exists 20 years back.

Your fashion statement tells a lot about you and how aware you’re of what’s going around the market. So better look for pieces that are classy but not outdated.

Trends make our decision somehow easier and faster. Look for pieces that make you look modern and part of the life that’s going around in the moment so that you can get the due attention in the events.

Do let us know if you would like to have some more interesting insight on fashion jewelry and we will bring up some fresh news about it to you every other day.