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Importance of Jewelry in the History!

Jewelry ornaments were never meant to be used for styling or showcasing wealth. Yes, you read it right, as a strange and alienated concept it sounds, it is true to that point.

In this modern-day when the sole purpose of jewelry is to beautify and enhance our looks and complement our fashion style. In the past, these ornaments were crafted for completely opposite and sensitive purposes and that was protection to our vulnerable body parts like the neck, wrist, forehead, and ankles later the transformation of human civilization made these ornaments an integral part of the cultural and traditional values. People started associating it with various spiritual and physical health benefits, which is true to some extent.

The existence of jewelry is as old as the history of the Human itself. The increasing importance of jewelry could be guessed from the fact that it used to be a medium of exchange for food and other essentials. Initially, the tribal people used seashells and plant leaves to make ornaments but later on the use of premium material and precious stones became common that one point an individual’s worth was directly associated with the amount of jewelry he/she possessed.

The oldest jewelry found from the archaeological sites of Palestine dates back to 100,000 to 135,000 years, made of beads and seashells marking them as one of the oldest items used in the making of archaic jewelry.

From time to time jewelry formed a particular shape and names in different cultures and remarkable additions were made with the time. Tribal jewelry is among some of the incredible jewelry ornaments. It is believed that Turkmen Tribes had many subtribes living within and the handmade ornaments carrying certain imprints of animals, flowers, or mountains used to distinguish them while they used to roam around in the search of pasture and a safe place to reside for a while.

The Mughal History has a huge influence on the jewelry style, design, and particularly material used in the making of the ornaments, which led to the craft of particular jewelry pieces which are associated with the Royals to date. Likewise, the Sultans of Turks were the admirers of astonishing jewels, while some of them used to carve and finish the stones into the ornaments with their own hands.


 The 21st Century is the era of experiments and fusions. The blend of vintage and modish design is the most common style of jewelry worn by everyone these days. Although the fast-paced world has brought many methods to build them with the help of machines which in return increased the importance and monetary value of the vintage ornaments. The contemporary style is liked by the youngsters but not as much as the handmade vintage pieces that never go out of the trend.