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Lapis Lazuli: Meaning, Properties, and Applications

The most well stones used in crystal treatment is lapis lazuli. Its vivid blue hue is reminiscent of the sky, as well as its gold-colored veins are reminiscent of starlight. Priests have historically utilized it to enhance spiritual vision.

Lapis lazuli means "blue stone" in Arabic. It's made up of lazulite, calcite, and pyrite, and is among the most well-known blue valuable gemstones. The latter gives it some lovely gold veins. Its qualities have been recognized for ages, maybe as far back as the fifth century. It is one of the seven jewels of Buddhism.


Properties of Lapis Lazuli stone:

That historic and strong gemstone comes with a plethora of intriguing advantages and therapeutic capabilities. The lapis stone has been utilized for physical, mental, and spirituality since it was first found around 4000 B.C. Lapis lazuli is beneficial to the throat, voice chords, and larynx in terms of physical rehabilitation. Some individuals utilize this blue gemstone to help with sleeplessness, flow, and monthly cycle assistance.

This gemstone's physiological and behavioral impacts have been documented in the literature. It boosts self-esteem and makes it easier to articulate and defend one's viewpoint. He's also good at settling disagreements. It enhances confidence & fosters genuineness. It boosts the wearer's self-confidence. Depression, anxiety, obstructions, and poor behaviors all burn calories as a consequence.

Lapis Lazuli helps to organize everyday life by conveying focus and tranquility. One will experience serene while sleeping, as well as a brilliant energy will emerge. Because it penetrates deep into the heart, the stone shows to be a useful assistance in focus and learning issues. It has a perceptive, energizing, and concentration-enhancing impact on the mind.

Metamorphosis and metasomatic processes are used to make the rock. Marble or gneiss make up the outer material. Additional elements, including such Sulphur or apatite, are frequently present. This fact that significant masses of rock are blasted apart by flame and quick chilling, or by dynamite, promotes the stone. The stone will then shatter, allowing the valuable stones to fall out. Laurite, pyrite, and Cleat make up the majority of the mineral combination lapis lazuli. The rock is said to be formed when lime is transformed to marbles.


Applications of Lapis Lazuli stone:

The virtues of lapis lazuli are mainly applied whenever the stone is included into your normal activities. Here is a list of ways you may incorporate this brilliant blue gemstone into your regular living to reap most of its advantages:

Meditation - when meditating, place your lapis lazuli crystal in your hand or near to your body for a peaceful and thoughtful experience.

Jewelry - Wearing your lapis lazuli stone as jewelry is the finest way to show it off. Lapis stone earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are gorgeous and supply you with positive energy throughout the day.


Blue gemstones can be used in a variety of ways. Close contact with skin is necessary for the lapis lazuli to communicate its beneficial effects. It's best to keep it around your neck. For a comfortable fit, tumble stones are suggested. It has a smooth surface and a lovely rounded shape. The deeper the rock, the greater the impact.