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Latest Designs, Trends in Matha Patti Indian Jewlery

Matha Patti is an hair accessory worn by the Indian bride on her forehead on her wedding day.It is also a part of temple jewelry and worn during special dance performances like Bharatnatyam.This unique and gorgeous Indian Bridal Head Ornament Maatha Patti is also alternatively known as Shringaar Patti or Damni


"Matha" means head and "Patti" means band.So the meaning of the word Matha Patti is a decorated head band for the hair. Matha Patti is a traditional Indian Bridal Jewellery and is a type of an extended or complete Maang Tikka. This hair ornament has a central Maang Tikka along with one or several layered extender chains. The central Tikka and supporting extender chains are joined to form a single jewellery piece popular as Matha Patti. The center portion of the jewelry is placed on the head along the centre hair parting and the extensions on either sides run along the hair line above the forehead.


Latest Style Design Trends in Matha Patti

Several styles of Matha Patti headpiece are available for sale in many online jewelry shops as a bridal or wedding hair accessory. These come in several simple single layered to more elaborate multi layered designs. These may be made of gold, silver, crystal, diamond, kundan or pearl materials.


Matha Patti Indian Jewellery

Pakeeza Style Half Matha Patti: The trend of half Matha Patti is becoming quite popular among the brides. Half Matha Patti also known as Pakeezah Style Matha Patti or Side Matha Patti or Pakeezah Jhoomar is worn only on one side of the hair as opposed to both sides. This allows the bride to have a side parting of the hair rather than centre parting that is required for the traditional Matha Patti.

Pakeezah Style Half Matha Patti

Rajasthani Style Matha Patti: Rajasthani Matha Patti is different from the traditional Matha Patti because of the central pendant known as borla that is spherical and not flat as in regular Matha Patti.

Rajasthani Matha Patti with Borla Rajasthani Matha Patti with Borla Layered Style Matha Patti: This regal style of Matha Patti has more than one layer of side panels to make a more ornate and elaborate design. It is worn mostly by the brides.It truly gives a royal princess style of look to the weare