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Material Used in Tribal Vintage Jewelry

Vintage jewelry is famous for its ethnic and cultural rarity and history it carries which makes it unique and desirable. The tribal jewelry ornaments were valued initially crafted for a purpose of protection in the war hence the material used in its making was of fine quality later it became part of tribal culture eventually making it the most significant practice and tradition. The use of expensive and truly embellished crafts still exists today, making their way to our hearts with their unique and tantalizing style.

Tribal jewelry was associated with health, peace, and social status. It was believed that the jewelry ornaments keep you safe from the disease, evil eye, and bring fortune. The main cause behind believing in such theories was the use of natural materials in the making of jewelry pieces.

We would be talking about a few of them today.

Mixed Metal

The most commonly and profusely used material is mixed metal which is crafts and shapes the overlay of the design. The motifs, chains, and bells are delicately made with mixed metal of fine quality. The use of mixed metal makes sure that the jewelry pieces don’t get shaped and have a long life with low maintenance.

German silver

Moving next to the slightly expensive yet finer quality material which requires proper maintenance. German silver is a mix of copper, nickel, and zinc. It was developed in the 19th century by metalworkers. Although it is known as German “Silver” it contains no silver element.

The jewelry ornaments crafted with German silver need to be properly wrapped in airlocked plastic bags to avoid rust and damage.

Wooden beads

One of the most inexpensive and oldest items used in the making of tribal vintage pieces is wooden beads. Shaped in the round and smooth structure, mostly used in lockets and bracelets. These beads are light in weight and a finer choice to add an accent to the ornament. These beads usually remain intact to their original condition for years.

Semi-precious stones

The vintage tribal jewelry is incomplete without the semi-precious stone inlay. These stones are the actual material that makes a piece of jewel more interesting and fascinating. The stone prominently used in the tribal jewelry pieces include turquoise stone, Lapis lazuli, pearls, opal, carnelian, and several other kinds of Gemstones. Each stone has its concentrated benefits on the mind and body of the wearer.

In tribalism stones have always been valued, that is why they are included in almost every ornament made with hands. 


The used fabric has always been associated with comfort and recycling. Tribes used old clothes to be utilized in crafting jewelry ornaments by making strands and supports at the back of the pieces, seamlessly. The fabrics are usually in black or red color but don’t have any specified color themes to be followed, any other color of fabric can be used as well.