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Necklace styles collection from Vintarust

After looking through all the pretty things on the internet, you might notice certain stuff with weird names on it. Particularly for necklaces, there are a few intriguing labels that may occasionally unnecessarily complicate matters.


The following is a list of the several necklaces styles which can easily be found at Vintarust:

1. The bib necklace essentially accomplishes what that really says. It might consist of interlocking stones, loops, chains, or discs, but always starts off big and can become really big, sometimes reaching the shoulders. Beginning with layers of pearls in the late Victorian era, it evolved into almost during the Deco era and continued until the 1960s and 1970s. These are also visible on the Ancient Egyptians!


2. One of my favorite necklaces is a festoon necklace, which can appear either fragile and charming or horrifyingly enormous. Its fundamental design consists of loops and swags made of chains, pearls, beads, or precious stones that create the appearance of a garland, sometimes with bows or flower clusters interspersed. It first appeared during the Georgian era and were reintroduced as a distinctly feminine style during the Edwardian.


3. Collars and chokers, sometimes known as colliers, are worn tightly or high at the base of the neck. At the end of the 19th century and into the Edwardian era, chokers were fashionable and frequently stacked with long chains of diamonds. Simplistic versions were already utilized during the Georgian era and were constructed of a ribbon or piece of black velvet with an adornment in the center.


4. A riviera necklace typically consists of a single array of stones, occasionally arranged with the biggest in the middle. Typically, these jewels are all of the same kind. These are a wonderful conventional look that was popular from the 18th century well into the 19th century and is still now.


5. A sautoir necklace consists of a lengthy chain that terminates in a sole pendant or tassel. With the long necklace and tassel vogue of the 1920s flapper era, they appeared highly fashionable.


6. Lavalièr (or lavalière) simply refers to a necklace made up of a pendant strung from either a chain, which might be anything more than a simple gemstone to a lock to a portrait.