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Prominent Types of Authentic Moroccan Jewelry

Moroccan handcrafted jewelry and workmanship have a long history. Jewelry is one of the most sought things of women. At the period, Moroccan jewelry was exclusively made of silver, with the most prevalent methods being enameling, etching, and delicate.



A number of charms and talismans, such as the khamsa, or hand of Fatima, as well as a depiction of the evil eye, are typically included in the Khalkhal.

The Khalkhal is another item of jewelry that was heavily influenced by Arab, Andalusian, and Ottoman civilizations. An ankle bracelet, often known as an anklet, is what it is. It is a piece of jewelry made of gold, silver, or a mixture of the two elements.

It can be delicate or substantial, like in the case of the Fassi Khalkhal, which is practically a cuff with various flower shapes printed on it and a silver chain that transforms it into a double layer anklet.



Moroccan Bracelets are an essential addition to any traditional jewelry collection. These components are often worn alone or in layers to reach the thickness factor to the wrist.

Even though 925 silver Bracelets are the most prevalent, there are various gold Bracelet sets available (these are usually worn at weddings or special occasions).

There are numerous reproductions of antique silver bracelet sets available nowadays, and while they are far less expensive than the originals, they nevertheless capture the beauty and essence of traditional Moroccan jewelry.



The Mdama is often crafted of pure gold and embellished with a variety of valuable stones (mostly red and green).

Mdama is a conventional belt that is used to secure caftans and takchitas (traditional Moroccan clothing). This item is available in a variety of metals, including gold and silver, as well as patterns and models. For example, the Mdama was a costly present given to the bride by her groom to symbolize his love and care.


Jewelry's utilitarian job is not only to decorate, but also to convey an entire concept of the wonderful old culture. And, owing to travelers, particularly those interested in interpreting the enigmatic aura that surrounds the jewelry, traditional Moroccan jewelry has become extremely popular all over the world.