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Reasons to Buy Antique and Vintage Jewellery

In the United Kingdom, preloved or 'vintage' things have long been seen as valuable, if not more so, than new ones. Discover why this is especially true for antique and vintage jewelry.

As a civilization, we are captivated by artifacts from bygone eras. The following are deemed necessary, attractive, and valuable: classic automobiles, first edition books, Old Master paintings, and majestic residences handed down through generations.

The same can be said for jewelry. Apart from the extraordinary beauty and refined elegance of antique jewelry, there is something magical about a piece of jewelry with a history. It is also a very sound investment.

The top reasons for purchasing antique and vintage jewelry include the following:


1. It's one of a kind and romantic: 

When you acquire an antique or vintage piece of jewelry, it's doubtful that you'll find another precisely like it. Many current pieces are largely focused on the size of the stone, while older pieces were constructed with an emphasis on design and workmanship (s).

 Even popular styles like diamond solitaire engagement rings were once unique because they were often bespoke and handcrafted with lovely flourishes like pierced openwork galleries, carved shanks, hand-done millegrain work, and calibré cut accent stones, which are now rare in modern jewelry due to the cost.

2. It is quite reasonably priced.

Purchasing antique, vintage, and secondhand jewelry is VAT-exempt, which means you should spend 20% less than you would for a new item. Additionally, there are no production expenses to consider when determining the pricing. You get the same high-quality gemstones and materials at a lower price with vintage jewelry due to the seller's overheads.


3. It's a Financial Investment

After trying to sell an item of secondhand jewelry, you may have been surprised by the low price given for it. This is because the wholesale market value of metals and gemstones determines the price of contemporary jewelry.

Because no two antique or vintage jewelry pieces are the same, their combined value can never be calculated. For the most part, antique and vintage jewelry is less expensive than new jewelry, but it's also more valuable!

An automobile purchase is akin to this. After you drive your new automobile off the lot, it loses its value. However, magnificent antique and vintage cars will always be sought after and sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.


4. Superior Quality

People say, "They don't make things like they used to." This is true of a lot of things, like jewelry. While machines make most modern jewelry, antique jewelry is always made by hand, and vintage jewelry is sometimes made by hand or at the very least hand-made. Antique and vintage jewelry is often copied, but not very often. Antique and vintage jewelry usually have better quality and craftsmanship than high-end modern pieces. Still, it's almost impossible to find that level of quality and craftsmanship in modern pieces, even if they're made by hand. The diamond and emerald bow ring shown to the right is a great example of this.


5. It is more environmentally friendly. 

Mining gemstones and precious metals consume enormous resources, making it difficult to create jewelry in an ecologically sustainable manner. Purchasing antique and vintage jewelry qualify you as a conservator, not a consumer. Conflict diamonds (alternatively referred to as "blood diamonds") emerged in the 1980s due to Africa's civil strife. Before this period, diamond jewelry was unaffected by this vexing and poorly regulated problem. Finally, since most antique and vintage jewelry merchants are one-man bands or small teams and family enterprises, purchasing vintage jewelry benefits small businesses rather than large conglomerates.


6. It's got a backstory. 

There is something rather romantic about vintage jewelry with a tale to tell. With an antique or vintage piece of jewelry, we become the next chapter in its illustrious past.