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Guide for Trending Bracelets Types

Talking about jewelry the bracelet holds a rigid place in the jewelry closet. In simple words, the bracelet describes as some type of band made of materials like gold, silver, ribbon, plastic, etc, and is embellished with beads, stones, that are wrapped around the wrist.

The word bracelet is derived from the word “brachile” a Greek word meaning “of the arm”.

Bracelet comes in varieties of types, here we have listed down the basics of each type.


Tennis Bracelet

The elegance and versatility of this bracelet put it on the top, this masterpiece contains the sequence of diamonds in a circular pattern, though there are many options of diamonds as beads and other colorful stones are available but the tennis bracelet appears more appealing in a diamond. It is the best option for every event from a party to even a tennis game it looks splendid, you can wear it single or make layers.


Chain Bracelet

These are the most stylish type of bracelet it contains metal loops that are linked together and create a chain. These are made of metal but the most preferred are gold and silver because they look classier and also durable.

Another good thing about chain bracelets is that you can apply creativity by adding things of your choice and converting them into charm bracelets.


Bangle Bracelet

This is the most basic type and is commonly seen in Asian Countries like Sri Lanka or India. These are the simple rigid band without any clasp or opening, you can wear them by sliding from hand to wrist.

These are usually worn as a layer or sometimes with the other bracelet to make a layer of unique types.


Cuff Bracelet

These are the most popular types of bracelets since the 80s as tribal women used to wear hard silver stone embellished cuffs. Now they are developed into more classic patterns and a variety of materials utilized such as metal, gold, or silver.

Cuffs come with an opening that assists in wearing but they don’t have a kind of clasp or closure. They are very inflexible but look very trendy.


Charm Bracelet

These are the cutest type of bracelets as they represent hobbies, moods, and various topics because they provide the options as you can add charm according to your wish. These bracelets are the best choice as a gift for special ones. The charm bracelet is basically comprised of chains in which a variety of charms are dangled.

Above are the most basic bracelet type in our next article, we’ll share more types. You can check a variety of vintage bracelets and cuffs on our website just click the link below and grab the best bracelet for you as soon as possible.