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Style guide with Vintage Jewelry

Wearing trendy outfits and shoes doesn’t always make you look stylish sometimes you have to compliment yourself with the right jewelry.

Most people go for fashionable ornaments when it comes to pic jewelry but trust me if you style with vintage jewelry in a precise way, it will enhance your appearance and also add elegance to your attire.

At Vintarust we define jewelry items that empower your styling and, in this article, we’ll share some tips, ideas that help you to add vintage jewelry for a sophisticated look.


In some cultures, wearing rings on the left ring finger symbolizes marital relations, hold that thing in memory always, so it’s always a wise decision to wear beautiful vintage rings on an index or middle finger for two reasons, first it will not symbolize any marital relations and second the most significant one that these fingers help you to show off more the rings.

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Wearing a particular outfit sets a tremendous impression on your jewelry selection. Carrying a stack of thin bracelets still gives an aesthetic look to your overall appearance. Choose thin half sleeves so that you can complement your look with vintage-style bracelets that combo will make your appearance classier.

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Your outfit’s neckline always factors into choosing a necklace. A small/sweetheart neckline allows shorter neckpieces/chokers while a deep neckline gives you freedom for wearing longer necklaces and chains. Cute pendants or chokers are versatile pieces that go for any neckline.

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Sometimes wearing only but right earning will justify your look. Earrings are ornaments that are an easy and handy option for every season. While choosing earnings one should keep things in mind that longer and larger earnings are the perfect choice for short hair or back style hairs, while small short earnings are always the best choice for every occasion and outfit.

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Hope these tips help you while picking jewelry according to your specifications. It is a fact that we all get pulled to new things same follows with jewelry but don’t forget “old is gold” sometimes these old pieces make a wonderful combination with your outfit and deliver extra glam to your presentation.