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The Concept of an Anniversary Ring

The terms "anniversary rings" and "half eternity rings" are frequently applied synonymously. What nowadays refer to as an anniversary ring is a ring with a series of stones along one side of the band.

One key distinction between an anniversary ring and a half eternity band is that anniversary rings often come in a wider range. The gemstones used in an anniversary ring come in a wider range of sizes, and there are also many more possible gemstone combos.


What Distinguishes a Wedding Ring from an Anniversary Ring:

That distinction between wedding rings and anniversary rings mostly relies on your own taste. Usually, majority of wedding rings were made of plain metals, but what makes them unique is the liberal use of gemstones. But several individuals choose wedding rings with diamond embellishments, which makes it more challenging to tell a wedding band from an anniversary ring. Whenever you already have a wedding band with diamond features and still want an anniversary ring, you might choose one with a separate gemstone or one with a lower weighting factor. Irrespective of how your wedding band looks, there are numerous options to personalize your anniversary ring.


When Should You Buy an Anniversary Ring?

When you enjoy the sound of an anniversary ring - whether that's an eternity band or whatever entirely separate - your next wedding anniversary could be the ideal opportunity to drop a hint. Because anniversary rings are really not tied to a single year, you can rejoice with a lovely ring anytime of the year. If you desire anything built specifically for you, you'll need to prepare ahead of time; it normally takes a few weeks to create anything from scratch. If you're particularly interested in antique and vintage jewelry, Vintarust has a range of gemstone rings that might be ideal.


What Is the Best Way to Wear an Anniversary Ring?

You might select an anniversary ring that will accommodate on whatever finger you prefer. You may use the traditional wedding anniversary presents as a suggestion for which gemstone or shade should be included in your anniversary ring.

An anniversary ring is traditionally worn on the left hand. It's commonly worn mostly on ring finger, between both the engagement and wedding rings. It's not necessary to feel obligated to stick to this look because your jewelry is entirely up to you. Once it concerns to anniversary rings, there have quite a lot of options that will serve you just right when you and the passion of your life celebrate another year of being legally and emotionally wedded.