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The History of Bohemian Garnet Jewelry


Boho jewelry is indeed a type that owes its origins to the bohemian lifestyle. It's characterized as ethnic, tribal, and free-spirited. Boho style jewelry, true to its roots, provides you the opportunity to explore with popular trend. It liberates you from the norm, allowing you to experiment with new styles.

Boho fashion owes its origins to the hippy movement. It has, nevertheless, become more open and accepting of new influences.

Because every piece of boho jewelry is handcrafted, it's just one. To keep up with the ever-changing fashion preferences, real boho style is now combined with an urban touch.

Dig into History

Bohemian style is as fashionable as ever, from fashion to interior design, but have you ever pondered where it originated? The term "Bohemian" comes from the kingdom of Bohemia, which became Czechoslovakia later on. This location produced stunning, deep red garnet gemstones and a form of jewelry that's become popularized in the late Victorian Era and into the turn of the century, among other flourishing trades.

Genuine Bohemian garnets were extracted in the area, but the name is now used to designate stones that have particular distinguishing qualities. These crimson stones are clustered together and in pavé settings (which are designed to display as little metal as possible), emulating the jewel-like seeds of a pomegranate, gleaming and beautifully hued. Rose cut faceting adds dimension to the garnets by allowing them to shimmer in the light. These sculptures were frequently made of less expensive metals, making them accessible to a wider audience and allowing them can become incredibly popular.

Garnets are an everlasting treasure, packed of mystique and romance. Garnets, the January birthstone, have a dark allure that pairs perfectly with winter's furs and velvets, like such a glass of Pinot Noir in front of a raging hearth. Victorian jewelry has resurrected in recent years, and now is the ideal moment to create your own Bohemian garnet collection. To see our current Bohemian garnet jewelry line, click on the photographs.