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The History of Bohemian Jewelry

Boho or Bohemian is the most and trendy word nowadays, especially in fashion jewelry and attires. Today we will be giving a knock on the door of history and will bring out some interesting facts associated with Bohemian Jewelry.It is a series of fashion jewelry articles so stay in the loop to get to know about your fashion jewelry choices a little better.

“Bohemian fashion belongs to the freebees – the ones who do not associate themselves with anything but their individuality”

Bohemian history tells us a tale of misery and impoverishment that led the artists and jewelry makers to opt for some minimalistic and freestyle fashion, which did not rely on the instructions but the availability of resources. The Bohemian word derived from the region of Bohemia, a kingdom that later became the Czech Republic. Two centuries ago, in Europe, the Boho style of fashion jewelry and clothes caught the public attention and eventually became quite popular.

The bohemian style was attributed to artists, writers, and people who prefer a nomadic lifestyle. They initiated this trend of using any style, piece, or material to be used in the making of the stunning jewelry ornaments and bewildering attires. The elaborative Boho fashion allows you to be wild, free, and natural and express it in your way.

It is always hard to define what Bohemian jewelry is like!

Yet we have tried to give our observation a few suitable words. The bohemian jewelry pieces are unconventional, vibrant, expressive, and bright. The use of multicolor thread work and the metal alloy is most common amongst many dazzling elements. Most likely light in weight and quite low maintenance, easy to be carried and styled with nay informal or casual look.

Boho fashion is the easiest to adopt the style, which lets you stay natural as most of the elements used in the making of the ravishing pieces are inexpensive and easily found.

Do let us know how you found our first article of the series about Bohemian History, its Jewelry, and fashion trend.