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The most common forms of Turkmen jewelry

1.Head Ornaments:

Head decorations with a diameter of 30 to 40 cm. One of the most popular is the egme, which was only worn for a few decades during the turn of the twentieth century. At Vitarust, we offer a large selection of Turkmen Head Ornaments to pick from for a traditional style. This eye-catching pick from our collection of unique jewelry with Fine intricacies and delicacy are used to create the beautifully adorned tribal Mathapatti. The antique impressions on the handcrafted Mathapatti are made of metal alloy. For simple adjustments and comfort, a black cloth is inserted at the back with ribbons at the end. In the middle, a pink semiprecious glass stone contrasts with the silver rustic tones of the Mathapatti.



"Tenetschir," a Turkoman woman's ear pendant, is usually worn on the headpiece rather than on the ears. Turkoman people, Central Asia. The earrings were constructed of high-grade silver and had fire plating on the front. Some of the original carnelians were lost, and pearls were used in their stead. These earrings are ideal for a lighthearted event. When you wear them, you is always noticed? These earrings will give you a magnificent princely aspect and atmosphere. Whether you wear them with a western or traditional dress, these tribal earrings give you a satisfactory and classy design. Traditional occasions such as weddings and engagements are ideal for them. On a more informal note,


3.Bracelet and finger rings:

Individually handmade cultural jewelry items are made from Alpaca Silver and other materials acquired locally in the Middle East. Genuine vintage tribal jewelry has been passed down the generations from region to region. Minor imperfections are part of the beauty, history, and worth of these one-of-a-kind objects. These vintage Turkmen (Turkoman) cuff bracelet was created for the nomadic tribes of Turkmenistan along the historic Silk Road in Central Asia in the early to mid-1900s.

Bilezik bracelets and armlets were typically worn in pairs and embellished with multiple rows of semi-precious stones. While they are most usually worn on special occasions, rich ladies frequently wear them on a daily basis.



The pre-Islamic triangle form is connected with a cylindric that has an Islam-related sentence. Not only the materials used (carnelian, silver) but also the form of the jewelry is protective.

This triangle-shaped amulet, or tumar, was worn on the breast and is an unusual variation on the typical tumar pattern. Instead of a mountain theme, the item is crowned with a pair of horns. In the middle, a cylindrical tube, or bozbend, is ornamented with cabochon-cut carnelians and turquoise beads. It would have contained a Muslim prayer scroll, strengthening the piece's talismanic properties. The hanging components extending below it offset the solidity of the upper half, producing a mellow, pleasing sound.


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