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The Most Liked Vintarust Jewelry Ornaments in 2021

As 2022 is around the corner, we’re excited to embrace it with the festivities, celebrations, and positive vibes!

  We wish you enter the coming year like a swagger in our exclusive handmade jewelry collection! 

Just like a Diva, so are you ready?

So, before that happen why not have an overlook of the episode year 2021, in terms of fashion and jewelry, right? Well, we’ll be talking about our pieces which were loved by you the most. Also, we’re hoping that you will continue to sprinkle your warmth on our exclusive collection along with your appreciation and support.

So let jump in!


1. Blue and Silver Kuchi Earrings

Blue and Silver Kuchi Earrings

These ethnic earrings topped the list of the most liked ornaments from our unique collection. Its traditional style was successful to captivate the attention of the crowd with its effortless addition to your look.

The phenomenal handmade craft is made with so much detail, as the premium material issued in its making along with the semi-precious ferozi stone embedding all inside the center.

It showcases the intricately crafted old-school design that portrays the circular patterns carved all over. The silver bells, dangling at the edges is defining the whole look of the pair and give it a chunkier and delicate traditional style.

Considering your preferences in chandballi style, we are excited to announce that we will be bringing you a lot more of such a pair of earrings crafted with natural items.

So, are you ready for our new collection?


2. Antique Afghan Cuff Bracelet

Antique Afghan Cuff Bracelet

These classic kuchi cuff bracelets made their way to your heart with their classic tribal style, as it features multicolor glass stone inlay, delicate cutwork, and unique pin-lock style.

This heavily embellished yet chic piece of craft got appreciated for its unique style and gorgeous old-school patterns, taking us back to the late 19th century.

Something that makes it stand out amongst the other casual/usual bracelet is its unique pink lock style that keeps it together and allows you to wear it comfortably without forcing it from the top of your hand.

Don’t wait for the "out of stock" moment, as Vintarust is on sale.


3. Antique Gold Motif Choker

Antique Gold Motif Choker

We know how much you love simple, elegant, and classic pieces from our handmade jewelry collection.

Well, this gold coin choker is all one needs to get that flawless traditional look at a special family event on holiday.

This unique traditional coin choker is has mesmerized us with its antique coins and motif inlay in between the coins, making it a whole one piece of ornament.

The addition of black fabric ribbon has perfected the craft as a true traditional piece of jewel belonging to the mountains of the Himalayas.

Our entire collection is a token of love and hard work from the Himalayan artisans who create such phenomenal art known as tribal jewelry.


4. Big Stone Vintage Tribal Cuff

Big Stone Vintage Tribal Cuff

This timeless and one of the most loved ornaments is this big stone vintage cuff that hooked us all with its unique and original traditional tribal style.

This nomadic craft is a perfect pick for your all looks either traditional or modish. Its minimal yet captivating classic armor design eliminates the need for any other jewelry piece for your wrist.

Summer or winter, despite of the number clothes you’re wearing it can complement your style accordingly.

The huge, big stone embedded in the center has made this piece a unique one.

We have a collection of bracelets in a similar style with different shades in stones. Our artisans use semi-precious stones in the carved patterns, making them more attractive and worth wearing.


5. Kuchi Bali Earrings

Kuchi Bali Earrings

These kuchi hoops had all the hearts this year, known for their lightweight and simple yet classic style.

A pair that goes with any look or attire, casual or formal, so perfectly that it makes others stop and give a good appreciating stare to your detailing and choice of jewelry.

This elegant pair of handmade earrings go for when you’re confused about what to wear today? It can easily get along with your attire, leaving you to look effortlessly gorgeous.

We have your pictures in our reviews and we were in love with them. Thanks to you for making such astonishing fashion statements and creating memories in these pieces.

2022 is a fresh start and Vintarust is excited to bring you more of the unique and timeless pieces made by our local Himalayan artisans. Keep visiting our Site and Etsy account for updates and new collections.