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The Turkmen Jewelry and it’s History!

We all have heard about the Turkmens and their infamous tribal values and cultural practices. Well, Turkmen jewelry and accessories have always marked as a significant part of their hundreds of years old heritage.
The Turkmen tribe originated in the central Asia in the 9th century. More than 2 dozen Turkic ethnic tribes were associated with Turkmen Tribe and eventually few of them moved towards the west till 11th century.

The nomadic tribe had to migrate two to three times in a year to search for green pastures which allowed the tribesmen to observe and learn different cultures and their practices and opt few of them as well.

Turkmen jewelry ornaments were subject to both, beauty and health. In Turkmen tribe jewelry was one of the most expensive belongings and women of every class was supposed to wear it. The young girls had to wear more ornaments are it was associated with her fertility and bring good luck to the family. After the birth of her first child, she was allowed to wear lesser jewelry.

Each ornament had distinctive purpose and meaning attached to it. Most of the jewelry was made with metal and silver, embellished with semi precious stones and archaic shapes. Also ornaments were adorned with different shapes including mountains, animals, and plants.


Each tribe has their own mountain which can only be worn by them only and allows them to distinguish between the other Turkmen tribes.

Use of semi-precious stones like carnelian is found in the most of the jewelry pieces and other time the glass stone inlays as well. The amulets and long dangling locket necklaces with huge pendants and belts are the among most found archaic turkmen jewelry ornaments.

Hoping this little history would have guided you to the ornament's background and their significance.