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Three Styles of Rings in Vintage Jewelry

Tribal jewelry brings many options when we consider style and especially rings. From the huge round shape of rings to the vertical long ones, there are many styles to go for. Usually, tribal rings are quite sizable and made of natural items like metal and silver while embellished with semi-precious stones, beads, and carved intricate patterns.

Although most of them are alike in design and shapes a huge difference and variation can be observed when looked closely. A bit of knowledge about the background of vintage jewelry never hurts but makes your fashion jewelry decisions pretty much easier and simpler.

Let’s explore the three styles of rings in vintage tribal jewelry  

 The round Kuchi ring

This infamous style is known for its huge size and clattering bells, rimmed all around the edges. What makes it more astonishing and glamorous is the multicolor glass stone inlay at the center of the ring, enhancing the carved floral pattern. Moreover, the silver hues are giving us all the nomadic feels and vibes. These rings are usually made with a mixed metal alloy of quite good quality that saves them from being de-shaped.

It is quite an attention-seeking piece of craft that makes you feel complete and uncommon. It is great to be worn casually and would perfectly get along the traditional Asian attires.

 Star Shaped Rings

The star-shaped rings are fancy and classy both at the same time. It is one of the unique rings that carry an element of elegance despite its enormous size and look. These kinds of rings have semi-precious stones, considerably big and round, placed in the center, and have strands with pointed ends making them look like a flower. Moreover, the finely carved archaic imprints add more detail to such pieces making them stand out.

Wearing such crafts brings appreciation to you for having such a sophisticated taste in fashion and jewelry.

 Turkmen Round Rings

These round, classic, and elegant rings are famous for the detailed wirework showcased all around the pieces along with solid semi-precious stone embedded in the center. The astonishing ring is remarkable in style and has an outward shape that captures attention from afar. The tinny little multicolor beads inlay on the sides of the rings makes them a pure ethnic and tribal ornament.

It is the most common and liked the style of tribal ring that makes its way to the hearts of people with its elegance and traditional design. Unlike the many other tribal rings, this kind is not that huge but still, it manages to have all the right praise and admiration for its detail and class.

There are many other options in the vintage tribal ring, but these are made to the top of the list that is most liked and worn by the people.

Do let us know what you want us to write next about and we will help you make perfect fashion statements. Stay Updated, Stay Classy!