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Turkmen jewelry History and Importance

Human arts and handicrafts have supplied a setting to express a state's insights, in addition to their implementation, which is the basic concept of their essence. The relics' shape and use of decoration creates a substructure that reveals certain cultural notions of the people who practice that art.

Turkmens are nomadic tribes who live in a vast territory which includes parts of Iran, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan. They created and employed a wide range of silver jewels, which museums and enthusiasts continue to seek out. Turkmen jewelry art dates back millennia and is an important element of the country's cultural history. The Turkmen people have a long heritage of manufacturing jewelry, as evidenced by archaeological digs in early settlements on Turkmenistan's land, the civilizations of Ancient Merv and Ancient Nisa, and many more.

Turkmen female's jewelry sometimes recalls old warrior armor. Several of them resemble a historical knight's helmet, while others are associated with chain mail that protects against arrows and spears. The huge bands that surround the hand from wrist to elbow have the same form as steel cuffs. The Turkmen jewelry art evolved throughout ages, although many characteristics of conservatism remained. Whereas a set of women's jewelry used to measure up to 8 kilos, decorations have grown less overall and lighter. Initially, only males worked in the jewelry industry since it demanded unique metalworking abilities. However, in the twentieth century, any talented youngster could enroll as a trainee, and nowadays, a woman artisan is not rare.

Turkmen jewelers today produce distinctly indigenous masterpieces, carrying on the legacies of previous masters. The State Museum of Turkmenistan's State Cultural Center houses a unique collection of women's jewelry. Tourists visiting Turkmenistan may not only view them at the state's museums, but also buy items in shopping areas, specialty stores, and bazaars, where they have been sold from prehistoric days.



The significance of Turkmen jewelry is as follows:

Jewelry was one of the few secure investments available to nomadic herders. Silver is a metal that may be melted and sold at any moment.

Family wealth had to be displayed via women among the Turkmen since they were a political and economic power-oriented society.

In addition, the families need money that could be readily kept and transported as they migrated from camp to camp.

Aside from these considerations, the jewelry was intended to protect the wearer. Amulets are worn by Turkmen of all ages, including men and women. The Tekke, Ersari, Yomud, and Sarik are the most prominent Turkmen tribes in terms of jewelry.