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Types of Nath (Nose pins) from Different Traditions

Agreeing to Ayurveda nose penetrating contains a parcel of therapeutic benefits, one reason why the majority of ladies get cleared out nostril penetrated. Because it is accepted that the cleared-out nostril has an affiliation with female regenerative organs getting a nose punctured can ease menstrual and childbirth torments.


Within the past few a long time, the conventional nose rings have advanced a part to envelop shocking plans and styles which are past comparison. These days when wedding visitors turn up wearing Jhoomars, Matha Pattis and Maang tikkas, the bridal Nath could be a piece of gems that sets the bride separated. Nath or Nose ring or Nose pins are one of the most gem that Indian bride favor to wear on their wedding day.


1.Thari Nath

An ordinary Thari Nath is an adornment worn by women on her nose at a few extraordinary events such as a wedding or a party.  It is made up of usually metal and gold and shape as a semi-circular body with colorful stones joined on it.


2.Maharashtrian Nath

This sort of Nath is additionally known as guchhedar Nath. This Nath is exceptionally well known within the locale of Maharashtra and its close-by area. The shape of this Nath is nearly like a Cashew nut which is made of pearl and diamonds embedded in stones and globules. Maharashtrian Nath could be an articulation gem of each maharashtrian bride and hitched ladies.


3.Rajasthani Nath 

Rajasthani Nath is additionally known as Rajputana Nathuri. This is often exceptionally well known within the state of Rajasthan and Bundelkhand locale. Rajasthani bride and ladies wear Nathuri as an ordinary adornment. In any case in extraordinary events like relational unions they will wear exceptionally intensely adorned gold and jewel antique Nath.



Mukuthi or Mukkhutti is well known Nath/nose ring within the southern portion of India. In Karnataka and Kerala, the conventional Nath is fundamentally a modest or lightweight nose ring or nose stick that is made of precious stones.