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Types of Necklaces Every girl should know

We often differentiate necklaces according to design and length and sometimes color but have you ever thought that necklace comes in a variety of types and each type carry unique parameters. After reading this blog you will probably get to explore certain necklace types and may assist you in picking for various attires:

1. Choker Necklaces 

Choker Necklace
The choker necklace’s average length varies from 16-18 inches. The chokers can be worn in two ways either just below the collarbone or the most preferable way is very high on the neck. These are made from a variety of materials such as gold, ribbon, metal, or velvet.
Chokers are very trendy, they go in and out of the fashion sometimes but still, they have maintained their versatility by adopting certain styles like middle beaded style, a simple chain, and most popular one choker with dangling stuff (beads, diamonds).
Nowadays, the choker is paired with long necklaces that look very appealing and for a scoop neck or V neck, the right-picked choker is best enough.

2. Collar Necklaces

Collar necklace is often confused with choker but the main difference lies in appearance, length, and its way of wearing. The average length of such necklaces is from 12-14 inches, usually smaller than chokers and they sit flush against the skin and rest directly above the ​collarbone.
The best thing about collar neckpieces is that they are worn solely don’t require other complementary neck items and are the best choice with off-shoulder tops.

3. Princess Necklaces 

Princess Necklace
Princess necklaces stand in the middle of the choker and matinee necklaces. Their average length is about 18 inches. These are the most appealing type of necklace, encrusted with glistening rhinestones, and have fanciful shapes usually with one central drop.
Princess necklaces are the most commonly paired with formal attires with a blazer or V-neck.

4. Opera Necklaces

Opera Necklace
These are the most favorite type of neckpiece almost every girl, the long opera necklace reaches up to bellybutton. These lie in the category of long necklaces and are usually worn as a single strand.
Their length varies from 30-32 inches. The best way to style with an opera necklace is to contrast with a choker and other opera strands.

5. Lariat Necklaces

Lariat Necklace
These are the most versatile necklace as you can style them in a number of ways, these are also called Y-shaped necklaces or rope necklaces. These are a bit longer than opera necklaces as their average length is about 34 inches.
Their structure sometimes varies as chains or beads form a long rope-like structure and that is either tied or pulled through a circular finding. As there are a number of ways of styling this neckpiece but the most tied off at any length, making them work for whatever neckline you're wearing.