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Vintage and Antique Jewelry Boxes Ideas

A Vintage Newly Lined Italian Sorrento Pencil Box

This beautiful Art Deco jewellery box with three fully refurbished compartments. The side compartments have new plush royal blue padded velvet panels and the central has a padded vintage Liberty print panel. The walls have matching royal blue velvet linings.


A Newly Lined Liberty Presentation Box

This lovely vintage Liberty box had a missing panel in the base of the compartment. We added a beautiful new padded velvet panel to bring the box back to its former glory! Teal blue velvet was chosen to complement the existing printed Liberty panels to the insides of the doors.


A Modern Newly Lined And Stained Jewellery Box

This modern pine box had no interior linings and the pine was originally in its natural untreated state. We sanded and treated the wood with a Mahogany stain and added new padded velvet panels to all seven compartments. Burgundy velvet was chosen to complement the stain. A Newly Lined And Restored Art Deco Box This Art Deco box started life as a cigarette box. A new padded velvet panel was added to the base and floral printed cotton linings were added to the walls. The chrome was polished to remove tarnish and add shine, and the sides were restored with black enamel.