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Vintage Jewelry Style Tips You Need to Know

Vintage jewelry, although being made of a durable natural material, demands specific care. Despite the fact that stone jewelry repels water, oil and grease adhere to it rapidly. Apart from safely storing them, there are a few tips you should keep in mind to preserve your treasured antique jewelry shining brightly.


1. Handle your vintage jewels with caution.

Grease attracts vintage jewels, making them difficult to keep clean. The oils from your fingertips attach to the diamond's surface when you hold it, decreasing its brilliance and shine.


2. Using Toxic Solutions Isn't a Good Idea

Never ever use chlorine bleach or scrubbers to clean vintage jewelry (like household cleaners or toothpaste). Substances like bleach can destroy some of the metals that used alloy gold for diamond implantation, and abrasive particles can damage gold and other metals.


3. Clean your vintage jewelry on a regular basis.

Immerse your Vintage jewelry in a light degreasing solution, such as water with a few drops of mild dish detergent, once or twice a week to keep it looking beautiful.

After wiping the jewel clean with the cleaning solution, use a gently, clean toothbrush to remove any remaining debris. The toothbrush must be brand new and used just for jewelry cleansing. Use it to wash regions that are difficult to reach, such as the stones' back.


4. Storage:

If at all possible, retain your vintage jewelry in its pristine condition. In fact, wrapping your vintage jewelry in soft fabric wrappers will protect it from damage.

It's really critical to protect your jewelry box in order for it to continue to keep your diamond safe. We suggest keeping your jewelry box somewhere dry, cool, and secure.


5. It's not appropriate to wear it in the shower.

If you're carrying vintage jewelry, avoid taking a shower. Once you've washed, dried, and applied moisturizers and other cosmetics, apply it. It has a dismal and lifeless aspect due to the cosmetic buildup.

Additionally, if you use soaps or shampoos that include harsh chemicals, the luster of your jewelry may be affected. Usually, people assume it's acceptable to wear this in the shower, but if you want to preserve your diamond jewelry in good condition, you should preserve it out of the shower.

Last Tip: Jewelry cleaners using ultrasonic technology should be avoided.

While ultrasonic jewelry cleaners may successfully cleanse your jewelry, we do not recommend utilizing them due to the risk of harm to your jewelry. These technologies, in our opinion, are not worth the risk, especially when you can clean your jewelry fast, efficiently, and safely using the soap and water method indicated above.