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Vintage Jewelry – The Top Three Picks of the Week!

Vintage jewelry is a never-ending saga, and we are here to update you about the recent happenings and inform you about our three best sellers of the week.

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Moving ahead we have handpicked the best sellers of this week, which were loved by you the most.

Classic handcuffs bracelet - The vintage craft we can never get enough off. This antique ornament is always ready to rock your look with its enticing addition and antique vibe. The use of solid alloy metal is quite evident while its rustic surface is embellished with intricately carved archaic patterns, mostly geometric. It covers half arm with its huge size and eliminates the need for any other ornament with its sizable design. It has a pin clasp with makes its adjustment so easy and hassle-free. We love the fact that it has a smooth inner surface that feels good on your skin.

Vintage Jewellery          Vintage Braclet 

This vintage handcuff bracelet is all set to make you stand out in the crowd.

Moving on to the next, these bracelets are classic, dine, and rich in traditional style. The unique handcuff features archaic patterns, comprised of floral and geometric archaic motifs. It is made with fine quality metal while its surface has antique silver hues, enhancing its ethnic style. The astonishing pair is available in a pair as well, you can wear them accordingly. A small chain is dangling around, holding the pin claps and complimenting its tribal style. The use of natural material in its crafting has made it more interesting and an ornament that is worth a while.

The last one on the list is these earring studs which are quite modern in style yet vintage in design. The coin-style earring is handcrafted and transformed into a magnificent and elegant ornament. It has a finish of intricate motifs around the edges while the accent stone is placed in the center, complementing the antique golden hues. It is made with solid metal which ensures it has a long life and low maintenance. The cool fact is that we have it available in another stone color, green. These semi-precious stones are known as glass stones.

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