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Vintage jewelry - What's new in this week?

Here is a little sneak peak about our latest exclusive tribal vintage jewelry collection!

We know you're as excited as we are about latest picks. So here we are, bringing you all the right info you would need to have, so you can style up on point.

This week we had an alluring addition of tribal Turkmen-kuchi necklace statement, carrying fine details, making it an exquisite craft of the mid 18th century.  The dangling classic pendant carved in square shape is embellished with multi colour glass stone inlays and rustic silver hues. The long chains and bells attached at the bottom in a signature style of vintage kuchi-Turkmen jewelry ornaments. The classic antique coins assembled within the necklace is authenticating it's uniqueness and antiquity. The middle length necklace is a perfect blend of distinctive fashion jewelry styles belonging to two renowned nomadic tribes.



Here is the another handpicked ornament, coral stone embedded bracelet. The kuchi tribal bracelet is a traditional armour style jewel, handcrafted with huge stone inlay and metal alloy body. The surface is ornated with intricately carved archaic patterns, flaunting the rich cultural history of the ornament.

Well, we hope it helped you to pick your favourites this week and style yourself accordingly.

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