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What is Estate Jewelry & Why Buy It?

Several people assume that estate jewellery must have originated from a deceased person's estate but, in reality, owners may simply opt to sell cherished treasured items to make some extra money.

When I think of estate jewellery, I picture myself at my grandma's house, watching her pull gorgeous pieces of jewellery out from a jewellery box while having to tell me stories about how she got the stunning Victorian pendants and cameo brooches; expand this image to a MUCH broader scale, and you have what is known as "estate jewellery"!


When referring to jewellery that was left behind as a part of a person's estate, this phrase is being used. The word simply refers to used jewellery in its most basic form. When anything is described as estate, it typically (though not always) denotes that it is important and ancient or vintage (I suppose this depends on whose estate it has come from). That visual appeal provided by old cut diamonds, the artistry shown, the stories of former owners—owning an antique or vintage piece of jewellery possesses a very particular quality that will always put a smile onto your face and serve as a pleasant topic of discussion.


Place to buy Estate jewelry:

It is indeed feasible to start your search for the ideal piece at an auction; just make sure you're with someone who knows where to look so you don't overspend. At auctions, it is simple to get sucked into a bidding battle; set your limit before the event and don't let yourself go over budget. Visit a respected or suggested estate jewellery merchant (we'll shamelessly endorse Vintarust here - our range is huge) for the simpler and safer choice.


The item you choose to purchase will be incredibly individualised. What do you notice right away? Are you looking for a piece with gemstones as well as diamonds? After you have focused your search on a specific type, it is crucial to decide if you will wear the item frequently or only on special occasions. This is crucial since certain goods are inappropriate for daily wear (e.g. high setting rings).


Be cautious while buying an antique piece of jewellery to be assured it isn't a replica. Qualified jewellers will test their products to demonstrate their quality and age and will give you gemstone certifications and grade reports.