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You are what you wear!

We always want to standout in the crowd, right? So have you ever given this idea of looking unique and stunning a thought? What is it that can make you give a true dreamy look?

Well! Vintarust has a perfect solution for your life long desire. And it’s Handmade Vintage jewelry ornaments.

Lets start with a bit of the background!

Vintage jewelry pieces are handmade ornaments, carrying detailed work and kinds of artistic expressions and patterns of archaic times. Each kind of vintage inspired jewelry belongs to a distinctive era and each of the ornament had been made for a special purpose. The classic ornaments are not just another piece waiting for you to be styled and get praise. The fact that these pieces carry uniqueness and antiquity that it becomes irresistible to not to pick them. It always becomes an easy decision when you find something vintage in the clutter of jewelry items.

Now coming back to the topic!

We believe that vintage and antique jewelry pieces are the ones that can make you look captivating enough to get all the appreciation and applause from the peer.

We suggest you to have a proper traditional vintage collection and have particular ornaments with neutral tones, shades, and stones. So that you can carry them with any kind attire or style you would like to carry. Here are few suggestions for the easy to style ornaments. Big Chandballi earrings, Vintage choker necklaces, antique twisted bracelets and last but not the least the fine ethnic rings. Have a fusion of traditional nomadic styles like blend of Turkmen and kuchi design. This is how you can pair your look accordingly with much less Hassel and wasting time one what to wear and how to look beyond just good!

At Vintarust we have a wide collection of handmade vintage ornaments, starting from necklaces to the belts to the toe rings. You can get the detailed information regarding the jewelry piece including, size, material, and style.

We are here to make your decision making process easier and smoother. So what are you waiting for?

Choose the right ornament for the right look and look gorgeous. Be ready to be called as trendsetter in the jewelry fashion.